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Help identifying Bradford piano (Read 1411 times)

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Help identifying Bradford piano
« on: June 24, 2016, 08:26:55 PM »
Does anyone know about Bradford pianos?  My girlfriend owns one (see images), and her family has owned it since the 1980s, but does not have any paperwork for it.  We're not sure if it's a decent quality piano or not.  The number inside it is 116840, but we don't know year of manufacture or anything else.

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Re: Help identifying Bradford piano
«Reply #1 on: June 24, 2016, 10:23:58 PM »
having information about who made your friend's piano, especially since it's a vintage upright, is a completely different matter than ascertaining whether it's a decent instrument.  someone who knows pianos can make the latter determination by close examination and playing it.  the name Bradford was associated with two different companies, Bradford & Co of NY, and a very big Chicago maker, M.Schulz Piano Co.  there are specialists in vintage amerikaner uprights who can determine who made your friend's and its age.  most likely before the 1930s when many piano companies went kaput or taken over by rivals.