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Topic: teaching students with neurologic dissabilities  (Read 1371 times)

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teaching students with neurologic dissabilities
on: July 24, 2016, 10:45:45 AM
Hey guys,

first of all, I don't want you to give me any psychological advice, however my problem is somewhat connected (or not). I'd just appreciate general piano teaching insight.

I've returned to playing after 12+ years of break. I'm 34 now. In just three weeks of holidays I believe I achieved quite a lot. I got my youtube channel going and so far I've managed to put new content at least once a week.

However, I still have problems with staying in faster tempo like Invention no. 13 in 100. 92 is just fine. Of course, probably I need more practice but the thing is I'm a bit depressed and nervous. I'm also diagnosed with venous malformation of the brain which was discovered because of severe headaches I experience. I haven't had them recently for a longer time until now again and I start believing this is all because of my stress. I have problems relaxing. And today I observed my left hand sometimes behaves like some impulses from the brain didn't go through. It's clumsy, it doesn't play the keys it should. It's like I was paralysed or something. I hope this is just because of stress and can be fixed.

So what interests me in particular is have you had some adult students with special needs and how was their progress going? What time in your experience is usually needed to play Invention no. 13 in 100 if let's say practicing 30 minutes - 1 hours a day just for the Invention?

edit: I guess if I could keep the relaxation state that I have when hitting my first key in a session all would be fine :D but the more repetitions I make, the more stressed I become. I'll try to buy some magnesium maybe.
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