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Topic: Mazurka of Chopin--aspects of dance influence performance?  (Read 1191 times)

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Recently I returned to playing piano after too long absent.  Chopin's Mazurkas were an area of his compositions I nad not explored very much.  So I've listened via PianoStreet & find these pieces fascinating aurally & musically.   Listening to Rubinstein, II was inspired to know more about the original dance source of Chopin's mazurka writing.  He seemed to be dancing in his interpretations.  And then I found Maria Szymanowska, pianist touring Europe 1820's, having written 20 mazurkas before Chopin, which I intend to examine.
So I HAD to know all about the dance.....which led to finding various videos of both folk and ballroom version of mazurka dancing.
Then I stumbled on to  this dissertation that I'm offering to anyone else who is curious:  "Gestural  Patterns in Kujaw Folk Performing Traditions: Implications for the Performer of Chopin’s Mazurkas" by Monika Zaborowsk.
Has anyone else been inspired by the dance origins of mazurkas for piano?