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A Scottish-Viennese Odyssey
When Dutch pianist Ronald Brautigam was in Sweden in September to play two piano concertos with Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, we talked with the performer in the midst of rehearsal. The concert was recorded for Helsingborg Concert Hall Play series and - according to Brautigam - Sally Beamish's 1st piano concerto named "Hill Stanzas" and Mozart's 17th, make a very fine musical combination in a concert program. Read more >>

Topic: Dexterity and accuracy - Scriabin prelude op. 11 no. 10  (Read 1451 times)

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I've been playing the piece stated above:

I've been facing problems with measure 15. I'm trying to play the measure in the speed of 8th note = 168 bpm. This however has challenged my dexterity of the left hand, as I haven't really faced these types of jumps before in this speed.
When trying to practice the jumps up to speed, I get tense in my shoulder and forearm. I'd like to know, if I'm supposed to be more loose, and if so, how to also be accurate.

Thanks :)
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