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Out of curiosity, does anyone know who makes PianoDisc branded pianos? (Read 941 times)

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It seems that in some places, PianoDisc sells pianos that have their name on the fall board, with factory-installed PianoDisc systems. I have not found much information about these. Does anyone else know anything about these?

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according to thepianoreview.com, those instruments are from the big Korean company that makes and markets quite a few different brands, Young Chang.  they have a big factory in Tianjin, p.r.c., so the pianos could be from there and not Korea.  Young Chang has adapted some amerikaner methods and designs after acquiring Weber pianos (since sold to Samsung), and employing the former vice president (chief of manufacturing and designer) J.Pramberger from Steinway and Sons between 1995-2003.  they own Kurtzweil Music Systems, and in turn are owned by Hyundai the industrial giant.

pianodisc itself, as you probably know, originated in Sacramento, Ca, u.s.a., where they have a facility that installs the systems on pianos from many different manufacturers including many tier one brands.  the pianodisc company also ensured the successful revival of Steinway's chief rival as an american premium brand, Mason & Hamlin, when it purchased M&H and invested in its Haverhill, Ma factory.