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Alfred's Premier Piano Course (Read 1145 times)

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Alfred's Premier Piano Course
« on: August 26, 2016, 01:56:39 PM »

I recently joined this forum and looking forward to its advantages.  I have three new piano students, all siblings, that start lessons after Labor Day -- they are all beginners.  They will be in different methods -- I have found that this works best with siblings.  The oldest is in 2nd grade and will use Helen Marlais' Succeeding at the Piano.  The youngest is 4, turns 5 in December and is in PreK and will use My First Piano Adventures Prereading (Faber & Faber).  The middle sibling turns 6 in October and is kindergarten.  I originally thought about putting the middle sibling in Music for Little Mozarts, but decided it might be bit immature for him.  I then considered using Alfred's Prep Course, but it seems both the Prep Course and Music for Little Mozarts are extremely landlocked.  My question is, would he be too young for Alfred's Premier Piano Course?  He is only in kindergarten, but it seems that Premier Piano Course is better about hand positions not being landlocked and there is movement around the keyboard.  Putting the siblings in the same method or crossing over into the same method is not an option.  I avoid it because my experience has been parents are less likely to buy two copies of the same book.  Hopefully that wasn't too much information!  Any input is appreciated!  Looking forward to reading the responses.  Thanks!