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Topic: Revised Question: Scarlatti tempos and repeats?  (Read 1413 times)

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Revised Question: Scarlatti tempos and repeats?
on: January 07, 2005, 05:36:03 PM
Since no one has responded to our inquiry, we thought we should re-phrase our question. My daughter would like to input/suggestions on the following: she is preparing for a local music competition/recital for children (she is 12) in about two months and is required to play the Chopin Waltz in A minor , and then has to play another piece of her choice.  She would like to play  Scarlatti k 201 sonata (it has repeats for the first and second movement, however, the competition guidelines state no repeats).  I have two mpeg files of k201 (Horowitz and Hae Won Chang) in case no one has heard it, but don't know how to convert this to midi format. This is a vivo piece, and her instructor prefers her to play it  a bit slower than she prefers to play it. Our questions are in regards to Scarlatti's work, 1) do you think a slower rendition is more effective for a competition/recital? Also her instructor pointed out Scarlatti is not well known, and this particular sonata was very hard to find the score and recordings for.  2) This is a very short piece (3 1/2 minutes, without repeats).  She prefers the piece with at least the first or second movement with one piece, otherwise it leaves one with only the smallest taste of the music-is there an position we might bring up with the judging criteria that might allow her to play at least one repeat? Bernhard recommended some wonderful detailing a while back on the two movements in another post.  I hope we get some response this time.  Thanks, Lani P.S. Please feel free to let us know if we are not asking clear enough questions. 

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