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relearning basic technique after debiliting brain-body illness. tips appreciated (Read 919 times)

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 ::) For much of my life I was just a so-so amateur pianist yet I was skilled enough to do a reasonably good job of playing and a rather poor job of memorizing.
Sadly 4 years ago I nearly died from a massive brain infection called encephalitis.
Recovery was long and slow yet I did return to some of my ability.
Most recently I proceded to get off all the nasty meds I was prescribed for pain and sleep.
My brain and body are getting much better but my finger dexterity is terribly hard.
My vision also comes into effect and for the first time in 67 years I will likely need RX glasses.
 :)All these things take a very long time do get done. The only cure I suppose is practice practice,
until I drop over.
If anyone has or knows of someone facing similar redevelopment methods I would like to hear from all. Piano is my passion.
...and she disappeared from view while playing the Agatha Christie Fugue...

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The only cure is practice, practice... well, in my humble opinion, sort of.  Yes indeed, you will need to practice.  A lot.  The brain is an amazing thing, but after an illness such as yours it may take quite a while for it to rearrange itself to get back some -- if not all -- of what was there.  And this brings me to what I think is more important: time and patience.  I well recognize that it probably is very hard for you to take the time to recover gracefully.  I would expect that you get impatient with yourself, and annoyed at your current position and depressed at the apparent frailties.  Perfectly natural.  You may or may not get back to where you were; that's the hard fact of it.  But you will, with time, recover much of where you were -- and possibly find whole new vistas of playing which were hidden before.  But have patience, and do not be too hard on yourself.