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weird question but... (Read 909 times)

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weird question but...
« on: October 27, 2016, 10:11:41 PM »
So I'm gonna finish my service in the army in a couple of months and one of the things I thought about doing once I'm a free man is working abroad for a bit.
One idea I had is being a counselor in a summer camp that teaches music to kids. I already worked as a camp counselor before (and had a lot of fun) and I'm pretty crazy for piano (in case you didn't notice haha), so I thought it might be a very fun experience (I don't even mind about earning very little money if it's a good experience).
I tried doing a little research on the subject but I'm just flooded with so much data! I don't even know how to start looking.
So my question is - does anyone know of any summer camps for kids that teach music that I could work/volunteer in? I'm not really talking about singing songs with kids or stuff like that, but more about hardcore MUSIC (especially classical). I speak english and german if that helps.
Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)