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Former piano factory in town Krasnodar (Read 834 times)

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Former piano factory in town Krasnodar
« on: November 10, 2016, 07:49:20 AM »
The factory is located in Krasnodar, in a busy place in the industrial zone of the beginning of the street Stavropol, practically adjacent to the railroad tracks. The biggest interest is dilapidated three-storey building of 50 years, clearly visible from the street. The gray metal gates hide the entrance to the courtyard, surrounded by the perimeter of the farm buildings. The yard is littered with things thrown by marauders.
The fact that at this point collected piano, speak eloquently in abundance scattered parts of the buildings, the keyboard, the keys and instructions. On the second floor there are a couple "not finished off" and " more lives" until the end of tools still may emit a faint resemblance to the piano sounds. A piano is not the only production here. In the maze of the basement corridors where apparently was once a safe haven, it has a spare parts warehouse for furniture production. Boxes with these "treasures" no man deceive even the marauders. By the way, the looters - Visitors are not the only locations here. On the second floor, the roof of which incinerated the fire, there are plenty of nameless skits "street artists", and stalkers visited here does not give himself to forget about every 10m. Combining the perimeter are even more dangerous condition. They also noted the fire, some overlap collapsed, the ceiling collapsed. In one of the buildings has an interesting basement with arched ceiling, similar to a prison cell of a medieval castle. Manufacture of furniture and a piano, according to the documents, finally stopped in the early 90s, after which part of the building tried unsuccessfully to use a commercial space and storage. At the moment it is completely to broke of