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SRdan Kozlica Plays Rachmaninov NO. 3 26.11.2016 Earls Court - London (Read 997 times)

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Srdan Kozlica performing Rachmaninov No. 3 – 26th of November 2016
Make sure you let us know about your party for the 26.11.2016. It is a pleasure for all our team at www.WKMT.co.uk to invite our students and family member to this very important event. Remember all tickets are complimentary for WKMT members and family friends.
Rachmaninov No. 3 is for certain one of the most, if not the most, difficult piano piece ever written for the piano. Srdan Kozlica, one of our senior team members, has dedicated almost 10 years to its preparation. His version is solid, clear and full of detail.
This is a piece to be played in maturity. Each harmonic texture is both advanced and challenging to realise. It is normal to hear versions in which details are lost in favour of the overall harmonic effect. Having listened to Kozlica’s rehearsals was revealing… He works with a magnificent level of in-depth, voicing each note in relation to each other; the result, a complex sound structure which is both enveloping and intricate.
The decision of playing using two pianos instead of the orchestra was slightly frightening at the beginning. It took us some time until we were confident enough to move forward and organise this event at St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court using two Bechstein Grands. Using two pianos of the same make and roughly the same size is certainly helpful. We discovered that this two-piano version works wonderfully. It works so well that seems like the concert was originally written for this ensemble instead of for the orchestra.
On the meantime, Kozlica http://www.i-am-a-spammer.com/piano-teachers-london continues to teach children of all ages and levels while he trains hard to be 100% for this very crucial date. It is fascinating to see all this dedication and passion in our teachers. Music lives in our teachers’ souls and is passed on to our students every day they teach at WKMT…