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Best Piano Theory Book / Classical Music * Easiest to Understand: Circle 5th (Read 1446 times)

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The best teachers are those who can deliver very complex issues in simplified form.

Example: the Circle of 5ths, once you get it, it's in your head [I presume].  However, there are many paths how many have learned this principle; same thing with reading notes: some have learned it through acronyms, while others have learned it through sheer experience, so-called osmosis, aka. simply practicing pieces over and over again.

Either way, the end result is the same:  MUSIC COMPETENCE.

Which Theory book, including understanding the Circle of 5ths, and perhaps a little bit of jazz is the easiest, MOST COMPREHENSIVE book/text available out there?  Snell may be easy, but it may not be the easiEST.

Your thoughts and input please?


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snell is one of the standards for basic piano theory

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Understanding the circle of fifths and a bit of jazz....lol.  you are entertaining.

Easiest? Well there's always the bastien theory books lol. Or Alfred...sounds like that's where you should start.