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Vexations - Was Igor Levit's Lonely Stroll Too Long?
In a bid to raise awareness of all musicians who have been silenced by the coronavirus pandemic, finding themselves suddenly out of work, pianist Igor Levit performed Erik Satie's piano piece Vexations in a 15-hour long virtual performance on May 30. Read more >>

Topic: performance of the following masterclass and tips-need some assistance  (Read 1616 times)

Offline classicalinquisition

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currently looking for the following: [literature ok too]

Waltz in D-flat Major Op. 64 # 1
Prelude in C-sharp Minor, Op. 45
Prelude in C Major, Op. 28 # 1
Nocturne in D-flat Major, Op. 27 # 2
Waltz in A Minor, Posth.
Impromptu in A-flat Major, Op. 29

any links, materials, literature would be helpful.
thank you.

Offline brogers70

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You haven't got any responses yet. I would guess you would get more useful responses if you could ask some specific questions rather than just listing the pieces and asking for generic help.

Offline visitor

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if you are performing the listed pieces at a masterclass and are looking for lectures and background/musicology information on each so you can answer questions or discuss them with the clinician conducting the masterclass, then i would google recitals and program notes or pdf files and CD line jackets to gleam a lot of good info on the pieces so you can intelligently talk about the works during the class

Offline dcstudio

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I too am confused.  Surely you are not asking for sheets..(
Literature OK too). Kinda sounds like you are.

Offline pianoplayerstar

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Classical Inquisition:

I suggest you take a look at Danil Trifinov's playing; exquisite.

There are many out there, but I don't know if there are any recorded MasterClasses.  I know Katsaris does a lot of these recorded classes, but as to your LIST?

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