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Topic: Rach Op.23 No.7 Pedal Technique  (Read 1507 times)

Offline sirpazhan

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Rach Op.23 No.7 Pedal Technique
on: January 12, 2005, 02:37:24 AM
This piece is know for its tricky problematic pedaling due to tempo and its demand to hold certain notes through several measures.  Anyone care to share their technique?  Any tips?

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Offline musicsdarkangel

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Re: Rach Op.23 No.7 Pedal Technique
Reply #1 on: January 16, 2005, 02:44:57 AM
I would say repedal whenever you have a sustaining melody note (quarter or more)

Of course I did it when I was more immature (freshman highschool)

SO, i can be full of crap.

Good luck with this piece, it is one of my favorites.

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