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Topic: Recital Program - Little Nothings  (Read 1728 times)

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Recital Program - Little Nothings
on: January 29, 2017, 12:34:21 PM
Hi everyone

I recently came across Mozart's ballet-suite "Les Petits Riens" (little nothings quite literally) and after falling in love with it I decided to come up with a recital about that notion of "Little Nothing", including pieces that their composers thought were not really important when they composed them, or somehow otherwise connected with that main theme.

Thus far I'm including Bach's P&F no.1 WTC1 (Bach's all time masterpiece was intended simply "For the profit and use of the studious musical young, and also for the special diversion of those who are already skilful in this study") Mozart's Petits Riens and maybe Fantasia in D minor, a couple of Tchaikovsky's Seasons, Alkan's 2 petites Pieces, maybe Ravel's Valses Nobles Sentimentales (the delicious and forever-new pleasure of a useless occupation), and an operatic transcription Liszt-style...

Do you think that a program like that makes sense?

Any piece suggestions? Especialy interested in not too small pieces or cycles but something about 10mins in duration, substantial musicaly, virtuosistic in nature, and yet retaining a "little nothing" conection.
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