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Leonardo da Vinci’s Viola Organista comes to life after 500 years!

The instrument’s sound is unique in the world. The circular horsehair bows of the instrument are driven by the pedals, and, as long as the player continues pedaling, the sound sustains. Deft musicians can even wrest a crescendo from a single note. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Original Performance Practice  (Read 2393 times)
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What is all this "Loispodesta" controversy?  Huh

Yet another notorious eccentric along the likes of Richard Kastle or Cory Hall (and also as I observe, "faulty_damper" and "thierry")?
Where is faultydiaper? Miss him...
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Pieces under work now: Franck op 18, Bach Sinfonia nr 9 and P&F a minor book 2.
Wait...no Scarlatti? Must add something soon...
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