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In the 21st century, as electronic instruments become more popular as less expensive options than traditional pianos, wood-and-wire keyboards are finding their way into landfills and junk heaps. Non-profit organization Pianos for People doesn’t want these pianos uselessly deteriorating when others could benefit from them. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Original Performance Practice  (Read 2332 times)
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What is all this "Loispodesta" controversy?  Huh

Yet another notorious eccentric along the likes of Richard Kastle or Cory Hall (and also as I observe, "faulty_damper" and "thierry")?
Where is faultydiaper? Miss him...
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Pieces under work now: Franck op 18, Bach Sinfonia nr 9 and P&F a minor book 2.
Wait...no Scarlatti? Must add something soon...
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