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Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2013 in London

The first event of its kind ever in the UK, Music Education Expo took place at the Barbican Centre in London on 20-21 March 2013, hosting over 3000 visitors and 120 exhibitors.Piano Street was there to show the latest features, such as the Audiovisual Study Tool (AST) as well as other new features. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Stage Fright? by Made Kuti - Teacher at WKMT  (Read 594 times)
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As performers you will or have already experienced a form of nervousness during or before a performance at some point. To some of us it is simply nerves we have to let fade away until we get into our ‘zone’ of comfort and concentration during our performances and to others it can cause very negative effects on our overall ability to deliver a level of musicianship we know we are very capable of.

I myself fall under the former as I have been through many experiences performing in front of crowds in small and large numbers, but I’m aware of how difficult it can be for young musicians only just starting to present and play their music in public. There are many approaches that can help a performer to overcome this hurdle (aside from a substantial amount of practice of course) and this article poses an interesting approach to it.

by Made Kuti - Teacher at WKMT
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