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Topic: fantastic resource for repertory, studies, method books and whatnot  (Read 1500 times)

Offline kalospiano

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thought I'd post this also here on Pianostreet:


it's a page I recently came across on a Spanish piano forum.

It's a HUGE list of method and exercise books, plus collection of preludes, sonatinas and etudes graded by difficulty level, complete with the corresponding link to IMSLP or other website for the sheet music.

I'm sure it'll come very useful to many. Enjoy!

Offline Bob

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Phew... That IS a list.  (or Liszt, yuck yuck yuck)

Someone who's anti-exercises is going to have a heart attack seeing that.
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Offline kalospiano

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well, there are a lot of technical exercises but also many many musically valid etudes, so I'd say also exercise-opposers can find valid material for them
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