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Which choice is more sensible ?

full restore old steinway model s155
brand new steinway essex egp155

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Topic: i want buy a grand piano, i need you help me for chose  (Read 2084 times)

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steinway More expensive 5800 dollar

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Re: i want buy a grand piano, i need you help me for chose
Reply #1 on: March 05, 2017, 03:29:00 PM
Which one do you like better and is more of a pleasure to play and listen to?
If its a shoddy resto, do the essex but if the restonis well done and checks out likely the steiny , geneally a better value anx easier to sell if you plan to upgrade later...
If yoy love the sound of the essex then there you go, its a consumer commodity just buy whatever you want the most, you would likely get a better value from going with a slightly used private sale essex from someone that bought for their kid for lessons and kid never practiced and quit

I would strongly consider if going new, one of the Webers ie 157, Dell Fandrich low tension scale design and the mason hamlin co developed [wessell nickle gross action] carbon fiber composite action [there are lots of artists and instritutions retrofitting instruments with them], very similar but not quite as slick as the kawai milenium iii+

A 3rd option if you lean to the essex would be one of the kawai gx blak [whicb replaced the rx].
But really, you should play the weber and learn the difference of Fandrich's engineering  [low tension scale and floatig sound board] and how it affects the instrument

Above just suggestion if you will look strongly at the essex...but if you can get a bargain on the ss may be a good bet, but i would spend time w the weber and kawai too

Btw young chang makes weber under strict design butnthey used to make essex before steinway.wanted to cut costs sonthey.moved essex to pearl river contract...not sure it was the best move....

 However you would need to discuss if getting the upgraded action at extra charge can be arranged by special order, i think it comes.on the 185 buti would pay the overage or ask dealer tech to retrofit

The weber 150 is probably the slickest little grand made, but if space and budget allow, would lean to the 157

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