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Topic: PERM FACTORY OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS "KAMA"(old movie 1975)  (Read 1357 times)

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Forever loose Great country (USSR) and its former musical factories.


The factory produced pianos and other kinds of consumer goods. In some periods, the factory simultaneously carried out repairs and restoration of musical instruments: piano, bayan (russian chromatic button) and accordion at the request of the population.
Perm Muszprom (Perm music factory) was established in January 1937.
In March 1938, renamed the factory of music keyboard instruments Perm.
In the prewar and war years (1937 - 1945), the factory was located on Sovetskaya street, Perm (in the area of the Square of the Urals Volunteers).
In the war (2WW) years, the factory produced products for military needs. Musical instruments were not produced.
In March 1948 - the enterprise was renamed into a factory of keyboard instruments, Molotov.
In May 1953 - the Molotov factory of keyboard instruments.
In September 1954 - the Molotov factory of keyboard instruments Kama.
In October 1957 - the factory of keyboard instruments "Kama", Perm.
The Kama Keyboard Music Factory was renamed the Perm Music Production Association Kama on 10.10.1963 on the basis of the resolution of the West Ural SNK №382 of 02.10.1963.
In March 1992, the Kama association was renamed the Perm Musical Instrument Factory Kama.
Limited Liability Partnership "Perm Factory of Musical Instruments" Kama "was registered on 01.12.1992 in the administration of the Leninsky district of Perm, Decree No. 492 of p. 29, certificate No. 1321.