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Internationa Piano Competition "La Palma D'Oro" 1-4 june 2017 (Read 941 times)

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Dear Friends,

The competition will take place on 1,2,3 and 4 of June 2017 at the Concordia Theatre in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. The event is split into two sections: The National Competition divided in age categories, which is open to all citizens, both Italian and Foregneirs who are regularly resident in Italy according to immigration laws; and The International Piano Competition “La Palma D’Oro” addressed to both Italian and Foreign citizens. The first prize is 2.500€ ad 3 recital (2 in Italy and 1 in Canada)

The Chairman of the Jury for the second edition will be Filippo Gamba, other members of the jusy are Michel Brousseau, Mariam Sobula, Luca Torregiani, Lorenzo Di Bella, Donella Sabatini, Daniela Bastiani.

Complete info on www.palmaoro.it or facebook page La Palma d'Oro or email at direzione@palmaoro.it