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Enhance your intellectual abilities while you learn how to play the piano (Read 890 times)

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Enhance your intellectual abilities by learning piano

It is a proven fact that learning how to play a musical instrument can change the shape of your brain. Moreover, it optimizes the way in which we organize our ideas, we organize our activities and we perceive time.

After many years of playing the piano I can confidently say that musicians perceive time in a completely different fashion to other people. The fact that we need to deliver information in quotas and precisely at certain times, makes us understand how imminent and yet elastic this abstract material is. You can check this article by the telegraph which explains the benefits of playing piano according to scientists: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/6447588/Playing-a-musical-instrument-makes-you-brainier.html

Each note becomes a task and each task an object. These thousand objects need to be created in the abstract and need to be delivered in the right time. This is the summum of precision. Efficiency acquires a different level and productivity becomes unquestionable. As a performer you canít waste your time, why? Become time now is material, it gives shape to the task you are performing and therefore becomes the real main concern. THe most fabulous thing is that you learn how to enjoy managing time while you play.

As director of WKMT and business owner myself, I can guarantee to anyone joining our piano one-to-one course that the benefits of learning piano are real, even at a commercial level. Applying the same discipline I learnt from my music mentors to my business has brought me only success.

As a live performer -something you will be trained to become if you join WKMT- you learn to manage stress in a completely different way. The sort of precision required when you deliver is so pressurizing that changes your brain structure all together.

You can start enhancing your intellectual abilities if you start learning how to play this spectacular instrument. For more information on how the brain of professional pianists work, you can check this article: https://neuroscience.stanford.edu/news/bimanual-labor-neuroscience-piano-playing

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