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Borgato – Italian Innovative Excellence Inspired by the Past

Luigi Borgato, born in 1963, designs and builds concert-grand pianos together with his wife Paola Bianchi, which are of innovative conception and highly regarded by well-known international pianists. The “DOPPIO BORGATO” is the first modern double concert-grand piano with pedal board. Mozart, Beethoven and Schumann are among the composers who wrote pieces for piano with pedal board. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Piano in London looking for a home  (Read 611 times)
richard black
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« on: May 31, 2017, 08:28:21 AM »

Anyone need a piano? A London-based friend needs to get rid of a perfectly serviceable Broadwood upright, probably about 1930s vintage but restored much more recently, in need of a very little work (one treble string broken, a few ivories need re-gluing). Looking to get a few hundred quid for it. If you're even slightly interested I can put you in touch.
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