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András Schiff Almost Won Grammy Without Pedal

Schiff's 2012 recording of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier was nominated for the category “Best Classical Instrumental Solo” at the Grammy Awards 2013. He did not win the Grammy this time but had there been a category for “Best Classical Piano Solo Without Pedal”, we are pretty confident that Schiff would have won it. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Creating my own Urtext editions.  (Read 187 times)
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Hi all,

Since a few years I've basically exclusively bee using Urtext editions of works. I don't need the editorial suggestions anymore to create my own opinion about the piece, but the composer's one. I have the Urtext editions of all of Bach's keyboard music. Most of Beethoven's, Mozart's, Haydn's, Chopin's and several others.

However, Urtext editions are quite expensive. That's why I'm going to create my own Urtext editions of pieces that I don't have yet and those which don't have an Urtext edition available online. I will upload all of them to IMSLP and let you guys know when new ones arrive.

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