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Steinway Update: Code Name “Edelweiss” Outbid by a True Piano Lover

The calculation was apparently rather simple for the new owner - he loves Steinway's pianos, so why not buy the whole company? We suggest that next step for the new owner, John Paulson, would be to learn to play his pianos. Read more >>

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Author Topic: audition.room  (Read 153 times)
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Hi people,

Recently I had to create a YouTube integration into a website for a client of mine. Since I now have this knowhow I was wondering ...

Would there be any interest in a separate webapp (The AuditionRoom) which allows you to login with your Google Account, select one of your existing videos (or upload a new video to Youtube via the app) which then automatically creates a nicely formatted webpage where visitors can view your video and also has some kind of reviewing abilities. Like for example a 5 star rating for different aspects of the performance (eg: tone quality, presentation, etc.), also a well built comments section.

I personally would love to build something like this and add to my work portfolio.

 But what do you think about it, Would you use something like this?
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