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The Women Behind Chopin’s Music

Chopin revolutionised the nature of piano music composed both technically and emotionally but the actual musical instrument that provided his greatest source of inspiration was the female voice. In this documentary marking the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth, pianist and trailblazer James Rhodes explores not only the Polish master’s music but also his complex relationships with women. Read more >>

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Author Topic: RNCM tutor decision  (Read 210 times)
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So, I need your help in choosing a good teacher at the RNCM. Briefly saying, I had an offer from the RAM, RCM and the RNCM, but only RNCM awarded me a good scholarship. Along with the fact that Manchester is a lot cheaper than London (at least in accommodation), I accepted their offer. Do you think that studying at the RAM or the RCM would be a better choice? Nevertheless, I wonder if you could give me some info regarding the 'good' RNCM teachers and their teaching 'methods'. I have been assigned to Benjamin Frith, but have some hesitations as I don't know him as a tutor.

Their current tutors:
Benjamin Frith, John Gough, Paul Janes, Helen Krizos, Peter Lawson, Sally Ann MacLeod, Murray McLachlan, Richard Ormrod, Dina Parakhina, Stephen Savage, Graham Scott, Colin Stone, Frank Wibaut, Jeremy Young
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