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Topic: Grand pianos of Concert Hall "On Kislovka", CMS , Moscow  (Read 1157 times)

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Ivan Drozdov (former piano tuner) which serveced both pianos says:

"My goal is not to make a squabble with Mr. Stavitsky, who now works in this hall. To me, he is completely uninteresting. I'm say to show the complete incompetence of the leadership of the Central Music School,( https://cmsmoscow.ru/en/) which attracted non-professionals to the school and arranged populist campaign for Mr. Stavitsky. I show that many musicians do not understand culture of a sound. At all, how need repairs of a piano should be done. People can not evaluate quality of that operation. They can't give a correct assessment of good tuning of a piano. What more I can say? Listen to the video recording I made in the hall on Kislovka, https://cmsmoscow.ru/en/

I tuned piano "Yamaha" 9 days before, making adjustments without changing a pitch. And thought to correct few unisons here when I went in today. But....
The guard man of a hall told me that Mr. Stavitsky was here and said that everything was in order, nothing to do now. No one after his departure did not play of a piano. Nevertheless, I went to see. And I'd shocked! I think everyone will hear how much basses and dirty and loose unison on "Yamaha" piano. That time I called the secretary and then wrote this report about.

This video is after my usual small tuning of the piano unison, without octave correction in this hall also "
See 4:16
Beethoven, sonata №21 "Aurora", 1 part. Performed by Olga Gavrilova