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Topic: Importance of a cadenza?  (Read 1677 times)

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Importance of a cadenza?
on: July 27, 2017, 07:08:21 PM
So I'm prepping Mozart's d minor concerto for a university concerto competition, which, if won, I would be able to play with the school's orchestra. However, there's a total programming time for all winners of 40 minutes, and the jury has a history of always allowing multiple winners, which would result in them cutting each winner's repertoire into one single movement (my friend last year won the competition with Beethoven's c minor concerto, but only got to play the first movement). I'm right now filling the competition application form, which asks the estimated time for the whole piece. I calculated that if I play the whole piece with 2 cadenzas (I was using Hummel's), it would be around 36 minutes, and without it would be 29 minutes, hopefully increasing my chance of playing the whole piece. What do you guys think? Are cadenzas really important to a piece?

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Re: Importance of a cadenza?
Reply #1 on: July 29, 2017, 05:46:42 AM
for schools like this, they would likely trim your concerto down to closer to 15 - 20 minute mark, to allow for other winners to play with the orchestra.  Also, a lot of it has to do with orchestra rehearsal time, as well as the learning benefits for each orchestra part (i.e. Brahms concerto 1 has good horn excerpts, ravel 1st movement has excerpt material, dvorak cello concerto has good wind bits ...etc)
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