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Two New Mozart Piano Pieces Discovered

The International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg has announced it has discovered two previously unknown compositions written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They will be performed by clavichordist Florian Birsak on Mozart’s own fortepiano at the family’s old Salzburg residence. Read more >>

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Author Topic: World Piano Pedagogy Forum 2018 - Dubai  (Read 1206 times)
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World Piano Pedagogy Forum 2018 - Dubai
"Health, Wealth and Well-being of Pianists"

We would like to extend a warm invitation to our conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates! 

Dates:2nd to 4th January 2018.

Register by 15th September 2017. Seats are filling up fast. https://www.worldpianopedagogyforum.com/

Three days of powerful talks!

Welcome all pedagogues and pianists from around the world!
In pursuit of life-changing answers, our expert speakers will take us deep-diving into seldom-charted territories of physiology, psychology and economy. During three intense days, we will meet in Dubai, one of the world's most exotic and vibrant places, to learn and have a great time together.

By interviewing pianists, WPPF has identified the core challenges facing the piano community. In a series of nine lectures, we promise you state-of-the-art strategies and solutions. Each lecture is ninety minutes long and includes a question and answer period. You are encouraged to ask any questions.
How to protect yourself and your students from injury. (Philip Ljung)
Anatomy - the basics that every pianist should know. (Visa Sippola)
Three lectures on how to teach a healthy virtuoso piano technique, according to the Taubman Approach. (Philip Ljung)
Challenges of piano technique in Jazz. (Tuomas J. Turunen)
Performance psychology - how to cage the stage fright beast. (Lucinda Mackworth-Young)
Science of habit creation - the effortless pathway to success. (Philip Ljung)
Finance for dummies and what to tell your students about choosing a career as a pianist. (Philip Ljung)

Everyone will receive a copy of the recorded lectures as well as a certificate of attendance.

The event will start in the morning on January 2nd, 2018. Suggested arrival date is January 1st. Suggested departure is in the late evening of January 4th, or the next day. It is a great opportunity, of course, to extend the visit for a vacation, before or after the conference.
Beyond this conference, Dubai has something for everyone. The population is mainly comprised of expats, so English is widely spoken. Despite being an international hub, Dubai also offers genuine Arab culture, for example, in old Dubai and in certain places out in the desert. Enjoy great weather, beautiful beaches, the enormous man-made palm islands, the world's tallest building, spectacular theme parks, indoor ski slopes, desert safaris, ten thousand restaurants… and why not come a little earlier and celebrate the New Year in style!

Registration fee: 320€.

Ask if your employer can cover your expenses, partly or entirely.
Apply for grants well in advance.
Find out if this conference is tax deductible in your country.
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