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Scriabin 150: A Genius under the Magnifying Glass
Last December, in preparation for the Scriabin 150th anniversary (2022), the new complete edition of Alexander Scriabin’s works was published, in twelve volumes. Eric Schoones spoke to the pianist and musicologist Pavel Shatskiy, who was responsible for publishing the piano works. They talked about the composer and pianist Scriabin, his piano, the influence of Chopin and the A.N. Scriabin Memorial Museum in Moscow. Read more >>

Topic: *NEW* - The Music of the Looney Tunes/Carl Stallings  (Read 1220 times)

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*NEW* - The Music of the Looney Tunes/Carl Stallings
on: August 21, 2017, 02:09:09 AM
*NEW* - Master Class #39
The Music of the Looney Tunes/Carl Stallings

Please join me for a hilarious look at the musical world of the Looney Tunes and the American genius composer/arranger Carl Stalling. The class includes a Road Runner cartoon Zoom and Bored, the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon Rhapsody Rabbit, and a crazy cartoon of musical styles Book Revue. The class starts with an animated performance Bugs Bunny Burner. Biggg Free Fun!!


Blessings and keep swingin! Dave Frank
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