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Natural Fingering – A Topographical Approach

The art of fingering is a huge subject, not least if studied historically. While many professional players stress the importance of good fingering we often find fingering suggestions offered by renowned editions to be clumsy, odd or simply out of place. New York pianist and teacher Jon Verbalis book Natural Fingering is a rich resource on the subject of piano fingering. Read more >>

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I am struggling with learning a few pieces perfectly and would like some practise tips. They are all my personal compositions which I am more than happy to show.

From "New Dawn" (https://soundcloud.com/chanti-roi-cooper/new-dawn), here are the bits I struggle with:

1. A triplet, chord, triplet, chord section. (https://imgur.com/a/jIXQf). I struggle to play this without the hold thing merging into itself. Keeping the notes separate is tricky. How do I overcome this issue?

2. The same movement but on the bass clef this time (left hand). (https://imgur.com/a/HNzPR). Again, the notes just seem to merge as my fingers go awry. How do I practise to stop this from happening? Could I do it staccato as a practise exercise?

3. Some errors on the jumps towards the end. The jumps are for the most part accurate, but there are occasional errors which I would like to correct. Any tips?

From "Phoenix" (https://soundcloud.com/chanti-roi-cooper/phoenix), here are the bits I struggle with:

1. The tremolo jump. (https://imgur.com/a/LyeMG). I find that I am just a microsecond too slow and it has become a habit. Also, I am sometimes inaccurate. How can I improve both speed and accuracy?

2. The downward chord jump. (https://imgur.com/a/72xvO). My accuracy has improved but only after screwing it up quite a few times. How do I get it consistent?

3. Chord jumps. (https://imgur.com/a/scHyY). I find that my little finger (which I use to get the lowest note) can slip off a bit, the same with the other fingers. Any tips?

There are some other pieces but these are the main ones so we can start with them.
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