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Offline esoteric

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on: September 29, 2017, 10:07:23 PM

I am struggling with learning a few pieces perfectly and would like some practise tips. They are all my personal compositions which I am more than happy to show.

From "New Dawn" (https://soundcloud.com/chanti-roi-cooper/new-dawn), here are the bits I struggle with:

1. A triplet, chord, triplet, chord section. (https://imgur.com/a/jIXQf). I struggle to play this without the hold thing merging into itself. Keeping the notes separate is tricky. How do I overcome this issue?

2. The same movement but on the bass clef this time (left hand). (https://imgur.com/a/HNzPR). Again, the notes just seem to merge as my fingers go awry. How do I practise to stop this from happening? Could I do it staccato as a practise exercise?

3. Some errors on the jumps towards the end. The jumps are for the most part accurate, but there are occasional errors which I would like to correct. Any tips?

From "Phoenix" (https://soundcloud.com/chanti-roi-cooper/phoenix), here are the bits I struggle with:

1. The tremolo jump. (https://imgur.com/a/LyeMG). I find that I am just a microsecond too slow and it has become a habit. Also, I am sometimes inaccurate. How can I improve both speed and accuracy?

2. The downward chord jump. (https://imgur.com/a/72xvO). My accuracy has improved but only after screwing it up quite a few times. How do I get it consistent?

3. Chord jumps. (https://imgur.com/a/scHyY). I find that my little finger (which I use to get the lowest note) can slip off a bit, the same with the other fingers. Any tips?

There are some other pieces but these are the main ones so we can start with them.