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Question for teachers: I'm an intermediate student, but want to take the ABRSMs (Read 1448 times)

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I've had a fairly scattershot experience as a piano student.  I am now playing Schubert, late Mozart, a Bach fugue...but I have no "core" understanding of fundamentals.

I'd like to take the ABRSM exams so that I can learn in a progressive way, and I'd like to start with ABRSM I.  My teacher is teaching an absolute beginner this way, and I thought she could teach me individually as she teaches him individually.

Would this offend a teacher? Thanks!

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I can't imagine why it would offend anyone.

Remember the ABRSM does not provide a full curriculum of learning, rather your skill sets are examined after studying more broadly with your teacher. For example, you should have already acquired the technical skills necessary to play the set pieces at the level required before you start to learn them. It sounds as though that will be straightforward for you.

What you may have omitted over the years is stylistic context,aural skills, scales and sight reading. Those will also be tested.

If all of that is in place already then you may find you can move quickly through the grade levels until you find one that needs more background work.

Good luck!