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Claudio Arrau as Franz Liszt in "Dreams of Love" (1935) (Read 1443 times)

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Claudio Arrau as Franz Liszt in "Dreams of Love" (1935)
« on: October 21, 2017, 07:53:16 AM »
Where is this film?

Quote from: Piano Lessons with Claudio Arrau: A Guide to His Philosophy and Techniques
A  film entitled Sueños de Amor (Dreams of Love) and based on the life of Liszt was produced in Mexico in 1935. The film featured Arrau starring in the role of Liszt, which, according to a New Work Times review, he graced with "excellent acting and playing" of Liszt's Liebestraum and La Chasse.

Quote from: Wikipedia
Dreams of Love (Spanish:Sueño de amor) is a 1935 Mexican historical drama film directed by José Bohr and starring Claudio Arrau, Julieta Palavicini and Consuelo Frank.[1] The film portrays the life of the composer Franz Liszt, in particular his relationship with George Sand.

Does anybody know how I can get a hold of this?

Thank you!


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Re: Claudio Arrau as Franz Liszt in "Dreams of Love" (1935)
«Reply #1 on: October 21, 2017, 02:06:17 PM »
It is not commercially available it's a research and historical reserve archive university holding I believe. a
It just went through a restoration project completed in 2016 and was a 9 year project headed by  Luis Horta, coordinator of la Cineteca de la Universidad de Chile ,it was a collaborative effort with the original degradesd source archived film with la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).
The restored film was premiered this past October 12 at the  2017 Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia
Given it's original premiere in Chile in 1935 and that the copy was a Mexico national archived item, it will likely be held in permanent research library reserve at UNAM and  If there is a second copy made, at the University of Chile.