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Topic: Beethoven Op.53 Sonata in C 'Waldstein' 1st Movement, Chopin Op.10 No.1,2,4  (Read 1880 times)

Offline lukejones1

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Hello PianoStreet,

Just sharing a recording I made a short while ago using some new equipment. Beethoven Waldstein Sonata 1st Movement and Chopin's Op.10 Etudes Nos.1,2 & 4

Hope you enjoy it! If you enjoyed it please subscribe to my channel for more videos and like my page on facebook for updates.

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Offline clouseau

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Very well played. And this is difficult repertoire. Especially Op.10 #1 and #2 are monsters
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Offline thirtytwo2020

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Great playing! The recording sounds very clean and surprisingly dry, perhaps a bit too dry for my taste. It looks like quite a big hall, with brick walls and everything.. What are the acoustics actually like, and have you considered placing the mics differently to capture more natural reverb?

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