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Piano Composition in the style of Debussy (Read 1158 times)

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Piano Composition in the style of Debussy
« on: February 27, 2018, 09:18:29 PM »
Fresh from being at the bottom of a box for 40 years, here is the only piano piece I ever wrote (not counting counterpoint class compositions).  It was to be in the style of Debussy.  I told Chopinlover that I donít this to be done with computer typesetting.  I thought it was okay until I read thru it today for the first time  Ė embarrassingly bad.  Why post it then?  Therapeutic reasons - toughens you up:  Like giving a stand-up business presentation to a group of 0 to 10 people with the worst haircut you ever had and a bowl of chili spilled on your lap.   ;D

"8va" in the treble clef means play an octave higher, even if I wrote it below the music. "8va" in the bass clef means play an octave lower, even if I wrote it above the music.  Cut time throughout - 16th notes are played as 32nd notes.

Edit: Low note on 1st beat of meas. 26 S/B G-natural, not F.  Accidentals hold to and only to the end of measure unless cancelled by a natural sign.  Measure 44 & 45 - 6 flats in bass clef, naturals in treble clef.  

Edit: Maybe the problem is partly bad notes in the score:  last chord of right hand in meas. 32 should have e-flat, not e-double-flat.  Oh well.  :-[