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NEW Steinway A-188 (6'2) vs O-180 (5'11) - which is a better deal?

NEW Steinway A-188 (6'2)
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NEW Steinway O-180 (5'11)
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Topic: NEW Steinway Model A vs Model O  (Read 1983 times)

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NEW Steinway Model A vs Model O
on: March 28, 2018, 10:45:55 AM
Many people believe that grand piano below 6 feet is generally not good. Does it also apply to Steinway Model O-180 (5'11) which is slightly below 6? Is Steinway A worth the extra money?

I live in a townhouse that shares a wall with a neighbor. Is it the case that Model A is much louder than O? Would Model A fit (acoustically, physically, and aesthetically from a interior design perspective) in an average sized living room?