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question about the 5/8 rhythm in "Zortzico" by Albeniz (Read 2480 times)

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question about the 5/8 rhythm in "Zortzico" by Albeniz
« on: February 28, 2019, 11:12:33 AM »
Hi all, I've already posted this question without much luck and I hope somebody here will manage to help me understand this.

I was casually scrolling through the score of Albeniz' op. 165 when I tried to mentally read the last work, Zortzico.

The piece is in 5/8 time and the left hand plays at each measure:

quaver - dotted quaver - semiquaver - dotted quaver - semiquaver.

What I found strange is that every single record I've listened to seem to play this in something closer to a 4/4, with the left hand going:

quaver - quaver - semiquaver - quaver - semiquaver

For reference, the recordings I listened to are by Baremboim and Alicia De Larrocha, and one guitar version (last piece in each link here below). What I hear sometimes is just some rubato, but it doesn't really feel like the dotted quavers are actually being held for their whole duration, so I hear more a 4/4 than a 5/8...

Is it just me hearing it wrong?

Or am I reading the rhythm incorrectly?