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Sight-reading with MusicXML: Infinite resources instantly available (Read 1553 times)

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....well maybe not infinite but pretty close.

Once you install and configure the free program MuseScore, all you have to do is set your web browser to open MusicXML files automatically with MuseScore. Then in seconds you can open any MusicXML file you find on the web and transpose it to any key with a single command.

Example drill: Here you will find something from "The Cokesbury Hymnal":


One of the choices for 'printable scores' is MusicXML. Click on it, open it with Musescore, and you're ready to read, unless you want to transpose it.

UPDATE: Actually many sources seem to require a bit more fiddling -- you have to save the .xml file first, and then open it manually with Musescore. Takes a few extra seconds, that's all.