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When Dutch pianist Ronald Brautigam was in Sweden in September to play two piano concertos with Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, we talked with the performer in the midst of rehearsal. The concert was recorded for Helsingborg Concert Hall Play series and - according to Brautigam - Sally Beamish's 1st piano concerto named "Hill Stanzas" and Mozart's 17th, make a very fine musical combination in a concert program. Read more >>

Topic: Nice International Piano Competition adopts historical tuning  (Read 3130 times)

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Nice International Piano Competition this year is the first to be adopting unequal temperament as the standard.
was the final concert this year and the competitors raved about what the instrument was able to do for them in their performances.

The increased resonance of the instrument removes the mush of the sustain pedal so that the pedal can enable much more singing, lyrical playing, and enables the original pedalling of Chopin and Beethoven to be used, holding down the sustain pedal for many bars.

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