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In need of feedback on my Grade 8 exam piece (LISZTIAN THUMB MELODY - PESKANOV) (Read 1146 times)

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Hello fellow pianists, recently posted a video of me playing my favourite piece out of all my exam pieces, Peskanovís SONNET 140 of PETRARCH, eventhough if you arenít familiar with Peskanovís music, i would love to hear feedback from first time listeners, would love any praise and constructive criticism in comments section or on here, as i plan to potentially teach the piece to others in future. Here is the link:

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I was not familiar with this music and really enjoyed it. A couple of  suggestions: first I donít hear the melody soaring about the accompaniment like I think it should.  It certainly could be the recording , but listen and see what you think
Secondly, and this is quite picky and my own preference but the large hand gestures above the keys at the beginning and end really bothered me, as it seemed affected.

Good luck on your exam!