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Chopin Competition Aftermath: Breakfast with Tony Yang
Many have enjoyed the Chopin Competition performances live and via streaming and the “now factor” has been very well provided for. But what about after-Warsaw? During his visit to Warsaw, Patrick Jovell had a breakfast talk with laureate 2015 Tony Yang, the youngest prize winner ever – in the history of the competition. Read more >>

Topic: Any ideas about Harmony Composition and piano lessons from distance Coronavirus?  (Read 482 times)

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Living in Athens Greece, due to Coronavirus I stopped standard piano and Harmony/composition lessons because contact with my teacher is hazardous and contrary to  Rules of Emergency plan issued by the Authorities in order to lessen virus outbreak fatal events and loss of life.

With viber shareware I could split the page of my laptop so that my teacher can see me and the Sibelius 7 pieces I harmonize. If she sees me, she doesn't listen the music. Sibelius does not allow both of us to listen or if the teacher listens to the music in the chords I harmonized  I can't see her.

On the other hand, piano playing, is not like playing saxophone. She has to look every little detail of the piece I look and exacly what every little finger is pressing at, at the right  pitch, time etc. It seems impossible to do it even she has eagle eyes, and no laptop or iphone can have such an accurate resolution even with a perfect internet providor (which is not good anyway).

So I give up with piano lessons and I give up with Sibelius since I can only export Sibelius to pdf format.

I am an old man, and due to the virus I stay at home, as the Measures rule out, it is no use to try to learn new methods to inprove communication at distance with the teacher. So I continue with harmony with no interaction with my teacher, with the exception with the remarks my teacher makes through Viber  shareware in my tablet.

Do you have any suggestion?