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Topic: Which book can I find Liszt's Valse Impromptu and Grand Galop Chromatique?  (Read 471 times)

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I'm looking for a good edition with these pieces the only one i saw was Peter's edition. Many were saying Peters' (edited by Sauer) is really bad, but aside from them is there a good edition with those pieces or is Peters' edition good enough?

Thanks in advance

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I'm sure I'll be attacked for saying this, but Dover  :o has a collection of pieces titled "mephisto waltz and other works for solo piano" or something like that if memory serves right. This has a collection of less common pieces as well as more standard fare, including the pieces you are looking for. I personally find cheap editions to work fine for liszt pieces, though I splurge for the henle/barenreiter for other composers. The notes tend to all be there, not many squabbles about whether something is an a or a-flat, so I didn't spend much for that score in my collection. Then again, since I have young eyes, I don't mind reading the sometimes frighteningly crowded scores of Dover. Peters for liszt is what I have all of his bigger pieces as (TE, Dante, sonata, etc) so I find nothing wrong with peters if that's what you wanna go for.

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