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Beginners repertoire (Read 682 times)

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Beginners repertoire
« on: April 24, 2020, 09:39:48 AM »
I'm thinking of putting together an edition beginner's repertoire, complete with recordings, to use in my own studio. I have a few things on my list but I'm interested to know what other people use for beginner students. What I choose for my edition has to meet three criteria;

1. It must be in public domain.
2. It must be suitable for students in their first year of lessons.
3. It must sound good.

I know no.3 is subjective but as long as it sounds good to you that's fine. I want to avoid the typical learning pieces which almost always are aimed at children and most of my students aren't children.

So far I've included some of my original music, plus some of Godowsky's educational music. There are also a few short pieces by Manuel Ponce, form his 20 easy pieces, and a few Bartok and Satie pieces.