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Hugarian Rhapsody 2 (Read 1124 times)

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Hugarian Rhapsody 2
« on: April 28, 2020, 03:06:48 PM »
Hi there! About a week ago I began to learn the Hungarian Rhapsody N.2.I intend to learn up to bar 189 more or less until I find myself comfortable and good enough to play the rest. Right now I've learnt from Friska to the 189 (I just need to pefect it) and the intro as well as the first page of Lassan. The last piece I have played is the Nocturne in C Sharp Minor and I am also learning the Waltz in C sharp minor Op 64 n2 so I thought learning at least Lassan would help to improve in some aspects.
I am not finding it as difficult as I though it would be, just a little tough is some spots, so I think that I will be able to do it by the end of this summer.

What do you think of this? What thoughts do you have on learning pieces way harder to help you build skill and improve?

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Re: Hugarian Rhapsody 2
«Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 03:08:09 PM »
Hello there!

Alright so honestly, I was a bit shocked when you said the pieces that you've last played. Because the Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 is... uhhhh... quite a lot more difficult than the pieces you just said. Honestly, he reason that people advise against playing pieces that are too difficult because if you pick a piece that is too challenging, it's just going to be frustrating to learn and play. And while you might be able to get out a halfway decent end result, the musical experience you will get out of that inevitably frustrating experience is significantly less in quality than if you were to just learn a piece at your level. But reading your post, you don't seem to be struggling at all! You seem to be having a good time learning the piece, and are able to get a beautiful musical result. So if that is the case, go for it! Have fun! The piece is hard, but your will and spirit are harder! You got this!