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How good is the Roland V digital piano today? (Read 449 times)

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How good is the Roland V digital piano today?
« on: May 01, 2020, 01:47:02 PM »
Dear people! (post edited)

I have the opportunity to buy a used Roland V digital piano tomorrow or the day after. I will have the opportunity to test it before buying, but I would like addtionally to read more about it and get other people's views of it.

(Note: I am not talking about the Roland V "Grand", but the stagepiano version of Roland V!)

Here is my situation:
* I need a transportable piano (it does not have to be light, it just have to be transportable in a car by myself, and this appears to fulfill these criteria).
* I can buy it for approx. 1050 Euros
* It is 10 years old.
* I will be testing it prior to buying, so for the purposes of this post, you can just assume that the condition of the piano is fine. (Unless you have reasons to believe that a Roland V gets significantly worse after 10 years of use?)

I will be using it for playing late intermediate and advanced classical piano (and maybe at some point very advanced). So soundwise, what is important is the grand piano sounds.

I will be playing in a smaller room (8-20 square meters), it will be used for practicing, and therefore I will not be playing it very loudly (I am not e.g. accompanying a choir or something liek that). I will be using the sounds that come with the keyboard and the inbuilt amplifiers. (Edit: I have just found out that it has no inbuilt speakers. What are your experience with buying external amlifiers for a digital piano? What are some good options for "low volume" sound? (i.e. by low volume I mean when playing in a small room for oneself)

I will not be transporting it very often - only once every couple of years when I move.

I do not have the option of an acoustic piano.

For a reference, I own a Kawai CS-11 (but that is placed at a different location than where the Roland V would be placed).

I am having trouble finding up to date reviews of the Roland V, and I don't know how much the quality of digital pianos has changed since 2009 when it was released.

So my questions:
1. What do you think of the Roland V?
2. How are the keys? The feel and the playability?
3. How are its inbuilt piano sounds and amplifiers?
4. Is it still a great digital piano despite being an 11 years old model?
5. Given that I cannot get an acoustic piano or a large digital piano with the shape of an acoustic piano (as e.g. the Kawai CS-11) in this location but can only get a digital piano without cabinet: do you think the Roland V would be a good option for playing intermediate and advanced classical piano?
6. What should I look for when I try out the used piano before buying it?
7. What are your experience with using external speakers/ amplifiers for a digital piano? And do you have any recommendations?

Feel free to add other comments.

I know these can be very difficult questions, but if you have tried the Roland V digital piano I would be very interested in hearing your opinion. Note that, unfortunately, I have to make a decision tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. So fast answers will  be  extra appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance!