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Recommended sheet music height? (Read 1638 times)

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Recommended sheet music height?
« on: May 13, 2020, 04:43:19 PM »
Hi I've been practicing the piano for about 3 months now and lately have been feeling back pains and realized that it's due to slouching and it was due to me looking down at the sheet music in my tablet.

I'm using a Roland FP10 so the sheet music stand is attached just above the middle of the piano. I noticed that in grand pianos, the sheet music is about eye level so you can see if it if you keep your head and back straight. But in my case, the sheet music is below eye level(after ensuring I'm seated at a height wherein my elbows are slightly above the keys) so I have to put my head down and that seems to cause slouching.

I'm thinking of raising my tablet somehow but does this all make sense? I've never thought about this until now coz I assumed that my piano is designed to work as intended for the pianist's proper use including the sheet music stand's height. Thanks in advance

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Re: Recommended sheet music height?
«Reply #1 on: May 15, 2020, 08:10:46 AM »
If you are feeling back pains due to slouching it would certainly make sense to use a separate sheet music stand where you can adjust the height.

I am afraid one can't assume that all musical instruments are ideally designed in terms of ergonomics. I suppose that if you are aware of the risks, you won't necessarily have to slouch just because the sheet music is below eye level (in fact, that's probably the case quite often for most musicians) but in your situation, why not do something about it?

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Re: Recommended sheet music height?
«Reply #2 on: June 15, 2020, 07:30:27 AM »
When it comes to sheet music height, I too prefer eye level.  When playing a digital piano, I usually remove the built in music desk and use a music stand raised to eye level.  Grands tend to have the most comfortable music desks.

The music desk height is not always at the optimal position.  People come in different shapes an sizes, and everyone needs to make adjustments that work for them.  If you have the ability to do something to change this, then do so.  It is even more difficult when playing a vertical piano, as the music desk is often too low, too close to they keys, with no option of using a separate stand. 

You could use a music stand.  There are also tablet mounts for mic stands. 
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