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Topic: Help in fingering for this passage in "El tango de Roxanne"  (Read 510 times)

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Hi all,

came across this genius of an arranger in MercuzioPianist who did a brilliant job with El Tango de Roxanne, beautifully rendered in below video:

However, I have fast approached a speed wall with the passage from 2min mark onwards.
Specifically, Bar 52,53,54. Hence, I am now working through the fingering and need some advice here. Below is what I have worked out:

Bar 52:432-3212-4543-4323
Bar 53:343-4332-3221-1234
Bar 54:432-4323-3432-4323

Any opinions to above fingering?
Thanks v much for your time!

Edit: To give above question more context, I had always believed that running passages is a function of (time,fingering). In other words, if you throw enough time at it, the fingering becomes less of an obstacle. I had adopted this approach for all running passages encountered in my life, mainly from the Chopin repertoire (ok, throwing time at Prelude No 16 didn't work that well for me). This however, is another one of those passages -- with multiple repeated notes --where time alone no longer works for me. And because I had never actually seriously worked on fingering before, all the little nuances like which pair of fingers to attack the repeated notes, if at all, were lost to me. Which is why I am in this forum with a seemingly self-gratifying question of offloading work onto others.
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