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Topic: How Heavy are Electronic Pianos?  (Read 526 times)

Offline louiss97

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How Heavy are Electronic Pianos?
on: May 28, 2020, 04:56:36 AM
I am moving, and sadly I cannot take my piano with me due to weight and space limitations. I thought about getting an electronic standup just to keep my chops up, but there is a surprising dearth of information online on the matter. Does anyone know offhand whether there is an appreciable difference in weight between electronic and acoustic stand-ups?

Offline ranjit

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Re: How Heavy are Electronic Pianos?
Reply #1 on: May 28, 2020, 08:43:12 AM
Do you mean electronic pianos (such as Rhodes) or digital pianos? Nevertheless, you should try and look up the specifications online on Amazon or other websites. They almost always have the weight and dimensions of the product listed.

For a rough estimate, most digital pianos I've seen fall somewhere in between the 15-50 kg range.

Offline j_tour

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Re: How Heavy are Electronic Pianos?
Reply #2 on: May 29, 2020, 12:37:15 AM
Well, for just electric pianos, if you want a 73 key model, roughly 68 kg.  For a 64 key model, to the best of my recollection, that could be as light as 27 or 28 kg.

I think you probably would want a digital piano, and as said by a previous poster, they can be rather light indeed, even for high quality instruments.

I'm going to use the imperial unit of pounds for mass from now on:

You have to consider the weight of the transporting case/protection.  That varies considerably.

Quality keyboard stands, IME, like the QuikLok WS550 I use is rather heavy itself.  Maybe 30 pounds.  There are lighter stands, though.

Amplification and speaker?  Probably between 40 and 70 pounds.

Cables, backup cables, pedal?  Ten pounds maybe.

Something to sit on.  That's up to you.

And then whatever else.

So, even if your digital piano is one of the fairly heavier ones at around 40 pounds or so, added up, it's several hundred pounds at least for one single keyboard rig.  I'd say absolute minimum of 100 kg,  With a lighter board and the lightest possible instrument case, and some careful selection of a lightweight stand?  Obviously less.

And if you feel comfortable plugging into a house PA system, and relying on their backline for a monitor (speaker), that's very good too.  I wouldn't personally trust that set-up, but YMMV.

For an all-in-one home-type instrument that you could still pack up and move when needed, like one of the Clavinovas, I don't know the exact weight, but they can't possibly weigh more than eighty or a hundred pounds at the maximum, minus the bench.

That's probably what you want.  I give you the full live stage set-up, albeit with only one keyboard, for an idea of a range. 

Either way, that's a whole lot lighter than any acoustic I've ever heard of, except for a clavichord.
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