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Topic: Suggestions and general advice please, thanks in advance  (Read 814 times)

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Good afternoon, or morning,

I have been slowly going through movement 2 of Beethoven's Op.10 no. 3, I have enjoyed learning it, it was an awful lot of fun to get to grips with it during this quarantine. However, it must be said, my technique and experience are both questionable, I have been playing for a couple of years (I think) and have taken lessons on occasions, obviously not at the moment, but I have a teacher who lives far away who provides some guidance over text, her in-person lessons were brutal but rewarding.

Anyway, onto the meat of this post, I was wondering if any of you would have any suggestions for small technical pieces that could aid my technical side. I am looking at attacking the Bach Little Preludes and fugues and have the collection of them. I went to a charity shop (pre quarantine) and purchased a fair amount of sheet music, I will list some of it below so you can suggest bits from those if you'd like.

As for my total repertoire I will try and list the pure mass of works which I can play! (no sarcasm at all... )

Bach: WTC prelude 2 Bk1
Bach: invention 1
Bach: Invention 3 (or 4? the one in d minor)
Beethoven: Op. 27 no 2 (first mov, I would like to try the second movement, I doubt I could do the third though)
Beethoven: Op.10 no 3 Mvt 2
Satie: Gymnopedie no. 1
Bach Prelude bwv 999 C minor

Sheet music which I own but am not sure what I might be able to play at this point:

Mendelssohn songs without words
Haydn sonatas vol 1
Beethoven sonatas vol 2 and 3
Bach WTC Book 1
Greig Lyric pieces op 12

If you know of any pieces which may be worth trying from these books it would be greatly appreciated if you gave some suggestions below.

I mainly joined up due to reading a thread about the inactivity on here so here's to a fruitful future!

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