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I need help (Read 450 times)

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I need help
« on: September 04, 2020, 01:24:40 PM »
Hello everybody,

I recently bought a piano on the internet which is an Eagletone MPW 320 USB https://www.amazon.fr/Eagletone-MPW320-Clavier-arrangeur-Gris/dp/B014UWQ3MC ( it's not on this site but it's just for you to have a point of view). In the manual it says that the piano can be connected to a computer with sequencing software. For this I bought a USB cable type A-B on the same site as for the piano here is the reference: https://www.woodbrass.com/cables-numeriques-midi-informatiques-eagletone-uc20-usb-2.0-ab-3m-p222225.html

  However, by connecting my piano to the computer the recording of the music I want to play are missed. Let me explain: Basically, I learn some music on Synthesia and record on Abletone or other except that at the moment I play, everything goes well except that for no reason my computer does not record notes anymore even if the piano is still detected. For synthesia, if I play a F for example and at the same time this problem starts, this note is played "infinitely" and I have to unplug / plug again to start again and this each time for any software.  I also point out that when my piano can no longer send information about the keys I press, it still produces a sound if I use the virtual keyboard of synthesia for example or other software. So I concluded that at some point my piano sends any information anymore, it can only receive  information until I unplug it and plug it back in.

Could someone please help me to maybe advise me a software that supports USB piano or help me to solve this note problem ad infinitum.

Thank you in advance.